General Curriculum - Sixth Grade

Bible & Spiritual Life

    • Grow in an appreciation of their faith
    • Learn ways to develop a personal relationship with God through Bible study, worship, prayer, and devotional models
    • Focus on the Gospel of John

Language Arts

    • Continue to improve in writing skills through developing organized and detailed paragraphs
    • Develop an appreciation for good novels including "Hind's Feet on High Places", "The Giver", and various stories of Christian heroes


    • Build on previously learned computation skills and apply these skills in new ways as algebraic familiarity begins
    • Integers, ratios, and proportions are a new focus


    • Focus on the evolution/intelligent design debate through various media
    • Learn about the history of science
    • Compare theories of the origin of the universe
    • Introduce geology and determining the age of landforms
    • Explore the theory that the  first cell arose by chance, adaptation, and natural selection

Social Studies

    • Explore the concepts of geography in sixth grade from a biblical worldview
    • Identify all the countries of the world and have a basic understanding about each region by the end of the year
    • Special Projects/Trips
    • A costumed simulation of immigration at Ellis Island
    • A country fair put on for the school
    • Field trip to Mill City Museum
    • Travel agent project to Europe